Beginners Basic But Powerful Link Pyramid Strategy

Probably my favorite strategy and what I use the most is this basic link pyramid strategy. This involves creating a smaller niche network for your quality 1st tier links and a bigger more general 2nd tier network.

1st Tier Network - High Quality

This 1st tier networks focus should be on quality. I would suggest creating at least 1-2 sets of accounts for this network to start for both Blogging and Social sites. Lets say you have a site in the insurance niche, you can make this 1st tier network your quality "Insurance" network and reuse the web 2.0's for other money sites you have in the insurance niche. The properties you use in this network should be the ones with your best quality content. I would suggest maybe using custom spun titles and descriptions for this quality tier 1 network but the automated ones work great as well. Keep in mind these are the sites touching your money site.

For the blogging sites I prefer using syndicated or unique content rather than spun content for this 1st tier but thats up to you. You can grab some great syndicated content using our Article Directory scraper on the "Articles" page in the web tool. But the best way to do this is to just use our "Auto-Content Syndication" feature on the "Add Projects" page. You'll want to use the "Web" setting to get the most relevant content for your nice. Then I would set it to have about 1-2 articles submitted to each property with no links.

Within this first set of articles I'd also add in some blurbs to make each article look more like curated content rather than straight syndicated content. Google really likes this. Curated content is basically taking another persons article, publishing it on your site but also adding a bit of commentary that adds to the article. This is what makes our blurbs feature so great!

The point of doing this is we are building our properties with quality niche relevant articles but we are also not jumping straight into blasting these properties with links. Some of these web 2.0 sites can be a bit strict so its always best to have 1-2 articles on your web 2.0 properties that aren't linking to your money site first. This helps prevent your account from being flagged for spam and increases the longevity of the property. If you just start blasting links right away some of the stricter sites will ban your account. So we call this "Warming up" your web 2.0's.

I'd set this project to drip out for about a week or so to play it really safe. You can do it quicker if you'd like but remember. SEO is about patience and the more patient you have the better results you'll see.

Now after you have a few articles on your accounts its time to start building some links. I always recommend using quality unique content in my first tier links but thats totally up to you. Just make sure the content is relevant to the site you are linking to. I would then submit 1 article to each of these sites. Dripped over about 2-3 weeks. I'd try and add in some authority links as well into the articles so that things look natural. Authority links are links to sites like wikipedia,, ect…

Be sure to also include some branded anchor text. Don't over use keyword rich anchor text or you'll be in line for a potential penalty. I'd try to keep a good balance between branded and keyword rich anchors. Branded anchors are anchors like your sites URL, site name ext… You can get good ideas for branded anchors and other anchor text from our Anchor Text Generator tool in the SEO Tools section.

For the social sites you don't need much content. These social sites usually have character limits which actually make it pretty easy for us. I usually create a few highly spun very short posts. Usually about 4-6 words. I then do the same thing at first, I send a few posts out with no links to warm up the sites. Then i'll usually drip a set of links out over a week or two across the first tier.

2nd Tier Network - Bulk Links

Now that we have some quality links coming into our money site we want to push some extra juice through those links and also help index them. This is where the link pyramid comes in. For this I like to create many sets of web 2.0 properties. I have thousands in this tier 2 link network but to get going I think anything more than 100 is a good start. Also building a few sets of social sites for a 2nd tier is always a great move as well.

These properties don't need to be as quality as the tier 1 properties. You can use spun content at this level as well with little to no worries. Just make sure the spun content is readable and not total gibberish. For me though once again I like to use our "Auto-Content Syndication" option. Its easy and very effective. I like it much better than spun content but thats just me.

Now you should still warm these properties up with a few starter posts not containing links but after that these properties can start linking to those first tier sites. I'd recommend linking out to 2 tier 1 sites from each article coming from this 2nd tier network. What this does is push some extra link juice into these first tier sites which will make these more powerful links going to your money site. It also buffers the onslaught of incoming links to your money site so you can go a bit more nuts with these 2nd tier links and not risk any penalties hitting your money site.

This 2nd tier network is where you can really have some fun. For me I like to then interlink some of this 2nd tier network using link wheels on other things to build up the power of these 2nd tier properties. Keep in mind since these properties don't touch your money site you can get a little more crazy with them.


Now there are endless uses for FCS Networker. This tutorial just outlines 1 powerful strategy. The best thing to do is experiment and see what works best for you. If you are unsure if a technique may work then ask for some advice on the Full Control SEO private forum. You'll also be able to find some great techniques shared by other users if you do some browsing. You'll also see from the link building tutorials in the Full Control SEO forum that you can add other types of link building into the process and use FCS Networker to help build up those other links as well. Remember there is no right way. Many different ways work and this is just 1 of them.

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